Friday, January 29, 2010

A few weeks ago my daughter and I decided it was time to attempt making pot bingsu. Well I call this post my first attempt because although it did not taste bad to me I could have done better. I followed the instruction from Aeri from aeriskitchen on her You Tube Channel. I think the next time I will have all the ingredients set up ahead of time because of working with the ice. As I was reading and following the instructions the ice began to melt as you will see in my pictures.


1½ Cup Crushed Ice
⅛ Cup Milk
3 Tbsp Red Bean for PotBingSu
2 Tbsp Condensed Milk
1 to 2 Tbsp Crushed or Chopped Pineapple
3 Tbsp Chopped Watermelon
2 Tbsp Sticky Rice Cakes for PotBingSu
1 to 2 Tbsp Corn Flakes

Here is my out come. Just a note I did try two batches that day hence the two different bowls. I just wanted to share my first attempt.

Crushed ice and milk

Added sweet red bean

Added condensed milk

Added pineapple, watermelon, sticky rice cakes and corn flacks


I realized later if you look at the finished picture you won’t see any sweet red beans. That is because I forgot to put them in the second batch.

Oh well this was my first and technically second tries so third times the charm.

See you then. Itadaki masu!


sherimiya said...

Looks great Marisa! Try as many times as you like - each time means more to eat!

hapa bento said...

This looks cool and refreshing. LOL, I always forget steps when I'm trying to document AND photograph my food. Nice job.

allingoodfood42 said...

Sheri Thanks great minds think alike. ^_^

allingoodfood42 said...

Debra thanks I have to say despite the mishaps it did taste really good.

Lia Chen said...

Looks sweet and yum! Agree with Debra, taking step-by-step pictures are not easy. You are doing a great job considering you shooting the ice that is very quick to melt d(^.^)b

allingoodfood42 said...

Thanks Lia, it does take a little getting use to taking pics and cooking for a post. Sometimes I go through the process and forget to take pics so I have to wait until I do the dish again before I can post but I am getting better.

bentobird said...

Hi Marisa,
I really liked these pictures--the flavors and textures look so interesting! Thanks for sharing--cooking is one endless experiment :)

allingoodfood42 said...

Thanks Jenn, I'm glad they came out so well, where I cook I don't have any natural lite and my camera is a little deceptive on how the pics are until I can see them on the computer I don't know if I have it or not. Thanks for stopping by.