Friday, January 22, 2010

Bento #2

This was a real simple bento I made from left over ground turkey pasta mix. I added wheat crackers and Mini Babybel© cheese (original) cut in half. I love this pasta mix because it tastes good whether hot or at room temperature so it works well for a lunch on the go.

Itadaki masu!


Happy Little Bento said...

What a beautiful bento set, and a filling and substantial meal. You must have enjoyed it!
Happy Friday Marisa!

Marisa Lyn said...

Hey Sheri, Yah I really love this set. This one is my daughters and of course I'm in the process of getting other pieces that match it. You can see the two sets (what I have so far) in the post -Bentos and bonds: In response to the post by Linda Rolle on Just Bento-. This meal is one of my Go To meals when I'm not up to doing a lot of cooking. Thanks for coming to see my post and commenting. Happy weekend.

Lia Chen said...

Lovely bento! Looks elegant really ... Is that pretty box microwaveable?

Marisa Lyn said...

Thanks Lia, I love this set because they are so pretty. Unfortunatly they are not microwaveable so I have to only put in foods I don't expect to heat up.