Saturday, May 14, 2011

When Life gives you lemons…….

I wasn’t sure how I was going to start this post or what I was going to write for that matter so it took me a few days to gain my composure so that I could get the right words to paper. This post is created just to inform my loyal readers as to a development that has risen in my food blogging world. Back in March of this year I was reading one of the blogs I follow under my quilting blog and the writer was talking about using Google alerts to track possible uses or misuses of your blog posts. Now I had done searches before on the internet concerning my blog and hadn’t found any misuses of my posts or recipes so when I used Google alerts I didn’t expect to find anything.

As my readers know I’m not a trained chef, I am just someone who loves cooking and loves food in general. So my recipes are simple dishes I mostly created to help me overcome having a very small budget for groceries and very little time to cook hence the name of my blog All in Good Food a play on the term all in good fun because I like having fun with my food; cooking, eating, displaying, photographing; all the joys of a foodie.

Well here is the news readers! What I found out was that a large appliance company who I will not name in this post has taken my blog’s name. They claimed they researched the name and purchased the domain name in January of 2010, however if you have been with me from the beginning you know that I created this blog in 2009 and have been posing to it ever since then. As a matter of fact I not only have this blog here on Blogger but one of the same name on Live Journal. I created them both in my early days on blogging because I was new to blogging and wasn’t sure which company offered the best service for what I needed. So although I began posing to only one of my blogs on a regular basis I still have the two blogs.

I did contact this company at that time to inform them of the fact that my blog already was using the name All in Good Food but it wasn’t until recently that they replied to my email stating that they did research on the name and purchased the domain name back in January 2010. This company claims they did research on the name but I am the one how has the twitter name allingoodfood42, a fan page on Facebook under the name All In Good Food, a flickr account under allingoodfood42, a gmail account under allingoodfood @ Apparently they did not research to see if anyone was already using the name. Which is a sad commentary on the fact that big companies don’t get that fact that the food blogging world is large and should be acknowledged.

I know that my posts recently have been sporadic for various reasons but I take pride in my blog and do not want to post anything that was not worthy of being posted. If I didn’t feel the recipe I came up with or the pictures I took were ready for posting I did not post them. With that said I am here to let you know I will not be changing my blog name. The REAL All in Good Food is right here on this blog from an everyday foodie and home cook just like you.

I do have to say that I will from now on go out of my way to not buy any products from the company I mentioned above, however that is my choice that is why I will not mention the companies name. I am not here to slander anyone, I am just here to defend and hold on to my passion that I have and am working hard on. Although I do have the dream of attending a highly rated cooking school in the near future it is to hone my skills and not to become a professional.

I hope that you will continue to read my blog and support me as you have in the past.

With all my love and thanks,



Uniflame said...

I am not sure how things work over where you are.. but you can prove that you had the name sooner, right? Maybe you can take actions against the company?

Nichola said...

What idiots! I guess the one good thing is that you might get more people finding your blog from google searches now?

Marisa Lyn said...

Hi Ladies, Thanks for stopping by. Yeah the whole situation does really suck but I will make the best of it. There is no point and it would cost too much money to try and take legal action for something like this. I will just have to step things up more often to have my blog come up more often then theirs. This will not get me down or knock me out and I thank you both so much for your support.