Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hi I just wanted to share with you a little appetizer I whipped up yesterday.

I was looking for something light and filling to eat for lunch yesterday as I was in the middle of reorganizing my sewing area. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. Although I have not written a post on it yet I have spent the last year working on making my own tortillas and through trial and error I have finally found the recipe balance I like. I know what you are thinking why go through all that trouble when you can just buy them in the store? Well I like to have the flexibility to make them any size I want and to add any flavor I want to them. You don’t get that with the store bought. As of yet I have not see them in the 4” rounds or in square shapes. I also have the ability to make chips any size and shape I want. That is the key right have the flexibility to have it the way you want it.

Well I am not going to cover making the tortilla dough in this post. This post is for the appetizers I made from them. I will have another post and link to the tortilla recipe and preparation. So here we go.

This recipe is very simple and easy. You can even have things pre-made and set aside to assemble and heat up later. This is perfect for those busy days or for an after school snack for the kids. As I have been working a lot with my sewing lately I needed another quick and easy go-to recipe.


1 chicken breast (cut into thin slices)
10 large broccoli florets
Cheese of any variety you like (shredded or sauce)
Home made tortillas
Yellow mustard

1. Make tortilla dough, following what ever recipe you are comfortable with, and roll, press and/or cut to desired size.

2. Pan sear the chicken piece.

3. Once chicken is fully cooked. Add taco seasoning of choice to taste and a small amount (I didn’t measure the amount but I would say around 3 tablespoons) of chicken stock or water to the pan. Note adding the liquid helps to coat the chicken better with the taco seasoning.

4. In the same pan add about a tablespoon of butter and let it melt. Don’t clean the pan between cooking the chicken and broccoli so that the broccoli can get some of the flavor from the taco seasoning. Once butter is melted sauté the broccoli. Note I use frozen broccoli and let it thaw out in the pan when it is cooking to retain it’s color and flavor.

5. Once broccoli is cooked remove it from the pan to a cutting board and let cool enough to handle. Cut into slices.

6. Then assemble. Lay down your tortilla, cover with cheese, add broccoli slices, then the chicken.

Note: Sorry I don’t have step-by-step photos. A lot of the time when I try out a new recipe I forget to take photos of the steps. So the next time I make it I will remember to take the photos and update the post.

I hope you will try these out and let me know what you think and if you tried anything different ingredients. These are designed to be very flexible to taste.

So until next time, Itadaki masu!


Robostir said...

Thanks for this recipe for chicken and broccoli mini tacos. They look great!

Marisa Lyn said...

Hi Robostir, I'm glad you liked the recipe. Just something simple but tasty. Thanks for stopping by, please come back again.