Friday, December 11, 2009

Give `Em Props

Well it is Friday and we have a lot to recap on for the past week. We have see a lot of activity in the food blog world from new bloggers to existing bloggers being recognized for there efforts. So let’s get started. This week we begin with recognition that came about a few days before the inaugural post of this series under the name of Foodie Blog Updates.

Food blogger Michelle of Taste As You Go is no stranger to being recognized to her excellent writing. This time Taste As You Go has been added to the Blogroll for Citizen NYC that recognizes who they feel are the best blogs around NYC. Taste As You Go was also voted as one of the Best of the Week (December 4, 2009) on Sweet Foods Blog for the post Samsung “Skill It” Event with Food Network’s Melissa d’Arabian. Way to go Michelle keep up the good work.

Thanks to Michelle of Taste As You Go for introducing us to a new food blog From Seed to Stomach by Andrea D. According to her blog she wants to explore real food from its source to the plate. Check out her blog I really enjoyed reading her posts. They are written in a straight forward and non-pretentious manner. You can tell her heart is in what she is writing about. So visit the blog and see for yourself.

Most of us know Taste Stopping as a place were bloggers can go to post their foodography and get a fair and objective assessment of their photos. Well Taste Stopping will also be heading to Camp Blogaway in May 2010 as a presenter showcasing the very foodograhpy that many blogger have submitted. Keep up the good work.

Again one of the veteran bloggers Dara of Cookin Canuck has had some of her recipes featured in Saveur Magazine’s newsletter and holiday guide. Congratulation and hope to see more.

Food blogger Mardi of Eat, Live, Travel, Write is also no stranger to being recognized for her writing. She has been asked many times to attend various food related events and report on what she finds there. Her assessments of these events are very informative and the writing takes you right to the event as if you were there standing right next to her. So it is not a surprise that she would be picked to be on the front page of Food Candy with her recipe Chocolate Chili Con Carne. We look forward to seeing a lot more from you in the future.

This past week several food bloggers have been recognized by in their Food section under Deck the Blogs. These bloggers have been participating in the Share Our Strength 12 Days of Sharing Campaign. For those who do not know Share Our Strength is in their own words “A national organization that works hard to make sure no kid in America grows up hungry.” The following blogs were recognized for their participation:

Jen Schall – My Kitchen Addiction
Michelle Stern – What’s Cooking
Gina Rau – Change Becomes Change
Diana Bauman – A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa
Jaden Hair – Steamy Kitchen
Kate Miller – Cooking During Stolen Moments

Check out their blogs if you haven’t already.

Again I have the pleasure of introducing you to a blogger Brad at Eat n Listen. I have corresponded with Brad several times and he is a very nice person. Brad has a very interesting blog with colorful writing and delicious pictures (My fave is the bacon bowl salad). He is what he calls a self proclaimed baconholic and he and his friends love all things pork. He has some very interesting recipes so go and see what happening on his blog.

Well this brings me to the conclusion of my first official post of “Give `Em Props” and I hope you liked it. I hope to improve over time as I really get to know my fellow food bloggers more and more. If I have missed any recognitions, blog changes or new food blogs this week I do apologize as I can only go by what I pick up from the bloggers I follow. If you would like to have any recognitions, blog changes or new food blogs posted up just let me know. So until next Friday Itadaki masu.


TasteStopping said...

Thank you so much for including TasteStopping in this wonderful round up. There are so many talented writers and engaging bloggers out there, your new feature will help all of us stay current with them! It's a great idea. :D


Mardi @eatlivetravelwrite said...

Oh thanks so much for the shoutout! You are too kind. And what a great idea to round up all this info in one post. You're like the Food Blog Detective! :-)

allingoodfood42 said...

Thanks to you both. Everyone was having so much going on that I felt it was a good way to keep up. Come back tomorrow to see the round up for this past week. Thanks so much for your support.